The Christmas Wrapper
General Information
Title: The Christmas Wrapper
Uploaded on: December 4, 2008
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shanaynay
Shanaynay's manager
Normal man customer
Woman with daughter
Red-haired lady
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 20
Amount of views: 2,081,855
As of: July 23, 2011
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The Christmas Wrapper (also known as Ho, Ho, Hoe!) is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on December 4, 2008. In it, Shanaynay works at the local mall as the Christmas presents wrapper. She however opens all the gifts and is very rude to customers.


The video starts with Shanaynay on the phone, saying: "Whaddap up girl? No girl, just working at the mall, you know wrapping up people's shit like a little elf". She says that people are lazy because she has to wrap all the gifts. She also says that she's an "ex-convict former drug-addict prostitute heroin addicted HIV-positive bitch". However, by saying that, she scares away one of her customers (a gangster called Shorty, who also appeared in a previous video).

Shanaynay stops calling her girlfriend when her manager appears, who yells: "Shanaynay! If I see you on your goddamn telly one more time, I'm going to "jack" your nametag and send your ass-packing back to the ghetto with all your other crack-smoking food-stacking pissed-awhipping homeboys and homewomen, do you understand me?" When the phone rings, the manager turns around and says Merry Christmas. Shanaynay gets some scissors and tries to kill the manager, however the manager already turns around and Shanaynay quickly returns the scissors on the table. Shanaynay says: "Oh, if I wasn't saving up to get me a Wii-Fit, I would fuck your ass up".

Then Shane appears. Shanaynay will wrap his present if Shane tells her a "secret word". Shane thinks the word is just "please", but Shanaynay always thought it was "Bitch, if you don't do this shit I'm going to deep-throat your ass with an AK-47".


Shanaynay and her so-called "dildo" in The Christmas Wrapper

ne hands over his gift to Shanaynay so she can wrap it for him. However, Shanaynay thinks it's a dildo. Shane says: "No no no, it's a toy for my niece". Shanaynay says: "Oh, you must have a close-ass family".

Shane says "No, it's not a sex toy, it's a toy, look". He then opens the toy, but Shanaynay replies with "Wow, that's a big-ass dildo that turns into a bunch of other little-ass dildos, I never seen that shit before". Shanaynay asks at which sex shop Shane bought the gift, and Shane says he got it at Toys "R" Us. Shanaynay says: "Wow, I never tried going there before!" Shane then says: "Can you just wrap it?" Shanaynay wraps the gift and Shane leaves the store.

Then another customer shows up. He wants his present to look really nice, but Shanaynay says: "Ohkay, what do you think like I'm retarded or some', like I can't wrap your fucking present?" The customer hands over the present which turns out to be a wedding ring. The man says it's 24 carats, however Shanaynay bites on the ring and the ring breaks. Shanaynay says: "Eh, I didn't ruin it, I just saved your ass. This is pubic zirconium". Shanaynay then says: "Too bad, so sad. Next!"

A woman with her little daughter appears. She asks Shanaynay where Santa Claus is, so she can have a picture taken with her daughter. Shanaynay says that Santa Claus is actually Pablo who just got out of jail for drugging, raping and killing three children Japanese prostitutes. They lost his records and that's why he returned out of jail early. The woman leaves saying "Thank... you..." and her daughter starts crying.

Shanaynay warns them to not pull his finger, because "He will pull yóur finger, grab your arm, rip it out your sock and wrap it behind your head and fuck your face. Next!"

A red-haired lady appears and yells: "Ho, ho, ho!" at Shanaynay. However, Shanaynay starts acting offended, saying: "What the fuck did you just call me?... Girl, I'm just kidding!" The lady starts laughing very loudly, on which Shanaynay replies with "It ain't that funny, bitch". The lady hands over her present but Shanaynay checks what's inside the box. The gift turns out to be a bracelet and Shanaynay says it's a nice gift. The lady says: "Yep, and it was cheap. You know everything's cheap on Black Friday". Shanaynay gets very angry and says: "Excuse you? I would just walk away". The lady indeed runs off, but it turns out it was a trick and Shanaynay puts on the bracelet.

After the video, Shanaynay wishes everybody a Merry, Merry Christmas. She also says "Hope Santa Claus lands on your roof, breaks in your house, jacks all your cookies and milk and leaves you with the shit you don't want that you can't return. See you later!"


  • Shanaynay says she's a former drug-addict, but she also says to be addicted to heroin.
  • The manager has a British accent, however he's refering to Shanaynay's cellphone as a "telly", but a telly is a television in British.
  • The "dildo" is actually a Spongebob toy, with Spongebob and Patrick displayed.
  • Shane is talking about a "niece", however a niece is officially a daughter of one's sister or brother. Since Shane only has one brother, he probably just meant to say cousin.
  • Shanaynay is talking about "pubic zirconium", which is a pun on cubic zirconia.