Shanaynay's Idol
General Information
Title: Shanaynay's Idol
Uploaded on: January 24, 2009
Episode type: Random Video
Characters: Shanaynay
Simon Cowell
Paula Abdul
Randy Jackson
Video Information
Channel: ShaneDawsonTV
Episode No.: 26
Amount of views: 3,310,929
As of: July 23, 2011
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Shanaynay's Idol is a video on ShaneDawsonTV, uploaded on January 24, 2009. On the channel, it is officially titled American Idol Spoof. In it, Shanaynay auditions at American Idol. The judges think she's terrible though, and Shanaynay therefore shoots Paula with a gun. Simon Cowell says Shanaynay's going to Hollywood for doing so, however, Shanaynay's so excited that she shoots Randy Jackson by accident.


When Shanaynay enters the auditioning room, she's very excited and can't believe she's there with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Randy says: "We've got a hot one right here!" Shanaynay thinks it's a compliment, but Randy is only talking about his Hot Pocket.

Cowell continuously mispronounces Shanaynay for "Shanana". He asks if Shanaynay thinks to be the next American Idol, on which Shanaynay replies with "Is Randy a fat-ass motherfucker?" Paula joyously claps her hands, saying "He is! He is!" Cowell says he likes her, because she's not spunk. Spunk is Australian slang, meaning hot or sexy, referring to the person with an x-factor. Shanaynay asks if "spunk" is a STD and she says she doesn't have it. "Is that like from anal? Ain't no one travelling up my dirt road, hell no". Paula says: "You go, girl!" but Shanaynay asks her to never say that again.

When Shanaynay asks if she can start her audition, Paula is actually asleep and she doesn't even wake up when Shanaynay yells at her. She does wake up when Shanaynay throws her bracelet at her, screaming "Don't touch my asshole!". Paula says she had another bad dream.

Shanaynay then starts preparing for her song, by cracking her joints: her hands, arms, head, breasts and vagina, in that order. Randy is amazed by it and says: "Damn!"

Shanaynay starts singing her song, whose lyrics are to be found below.

Cowell says the song was "like somebody took Miley Cyrus' mouth and opened it all the way, and then fucked it with a jagged butcher knife, so all the blood is rushing out and she's trying to sing a song, and then Tommy Lee walks in, and wraps it's 12 inch penis around the throat and gags her until she passes out". Shanaynay verifies if that means he liked it, however, Cowell says: "Shanaynay, I would rather have Oprah Winfrey masturbate onto my face, while Gayle is tickling her asshole".

Shanaynay then asks what Randy thinks about her performance. She says: "I know you like this hot shit, right?" Randy says: "You sound like shit girl. Like old, nasty, smelly, dog shit".

"What about you Paula?" is what Shanaynay immediately asks after it. Paula says: "You know what I like about you? I like your attitude. Your little ghetto 'I'm from the hood', and 'I have a weave', and 'I like fried chicken and watermelon', bam!"

Shanaynay says: "Oh, hell no!" and shoots her down. Cowell says: "You killed Paula. You're going to Hollywood!" Shanaynay gets very excited, saying: "Really, o my... whoops", and then shoots Randy by accident. "Eh, I think I'm just gonna put this down", is what Shanaynay says about her gun, however, she then probably kills Cowell, too, because another scream can be heard and it can be presumed that Cowell was the only person left alive in the audition room.


  1. Everytime, you look at me
  2. I see you looking at my titties
  3. And I'm gonna say, bitch
  4. Imma rip your motherfucking eyes out
  5. With my press-on nails, yes I am
  6. And then, I'm gonna take your dick
  7. And rip that shit out and put it in a Pepsi-can
  8. And make a candle out of it, it would be cute
  9. So don't fuck with me


  • Simon Cowell's shirt is inside out.
  • There is a price tag on Paula's wig.
  • Randy Jackson is black like he indeed is, however his arms are white in the video.
  • Shanaynay seems to have blonde pubic hair, as seen when she "stretches her vagina".