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Shananay yaw jones
General Information
Full name: Shananay yaw jones
Gender: Female
Birth date: March 31, 2007
Birth place: San Francisco, California, USA
Skin color: Fair.
Hair color: Blonde with Orange Highlights
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
Occupation(s): unknown
Relative(s): Mother, Sister (Hodini)
Date(s): S-deezy, Shane Dawson
Friend(s): Rhonda and blackasshit
Partner(s): shane/joey/blackasshit
Pet(s): Ferret
R. Kelly (dog)
Video Information
First appearance: Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
Appeared on / at: August 2008
Latest appearance: Viral Infection Ep. 2

Shanaynay, real name Linda Johnson, is an extremely vulgar and ghetto white-girl, who is in fact very racist although she thinks of herself as black but "light skinned". Shanaynay first appeared in Shane's videos in the summer of 2008 and is still appearing in some recent ones. She is said to have relationships with both Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa. Although she claims to have multiple sex partners, she forgets their names along with other vital characteristics. Deep down, Shanaynay has a good heart. She won America's Next Top Model by shooting Tyra Banks in the head.

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