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General Information
Full name: Shananay
Gender: Female
Birth date: March 31, 1977
Birth place: San Francisco, California, USA
Skin color: Not light-skinned
Hair color: Blonde, Orange Highlights
Personal Information
Occupation(s): Variously
Relative(s): Father
8 brothers
10 children
3 cousins
Date(s): S-deezy
Friend(s): Rhonda
Pet(s): Ferret
R. Kelly (dog)
Video Information
First appearance: Ghetto Drive-Thru From Hell
Appeared on / at: August 2008
Latest appearance: Harry Potter's Over

Shanaynay (a character of YouTuber Shane Dawson) is an extremely ratchet, ghetto white-girl who is in fact a bit racist. Let me tell you though, that is Shane Dawson. Shanaynay first appeared in Shane's videos in the summer of 2008 and is still appearing in them up to date. Shanaynay is said to have relations with both Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa.

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