Jim's boss
Shanes Boss
General Information
Full name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Skin color: White
Hair color: Black
Personal Information
Occupation(s): Employer
Video Information
First appearance: Why Was I Born?
Appeared on / at: September 7, 2008

Jim's boss is a unnamed character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. He made his debut in Why Was I Born?, in which he was Jim's employer.


Jim's boss has middle-length black hair, and wears a white shirt with a black waistcoat on it. He also wears a beret. He has a handlebar mustache and a small chin beard. Because he's very hairy, he has a single extended black eyebrow and chest hair coming out of his shirt. When he took of his white shirt to show his back, it was covered with thick, black hair.


Jim's boss has an unknown accent. He lets his employees shave him when they are too late. For example, he let his employee Cindy shave his scrotum. Jim had to shave his back, if Jim was late one more time.


The following is a list of videos Jim's boss made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
12 WHYWASIBORN 01 Why Was I Born?
September 7, 2008