Dana Cop-A-Feel
Dana Cop A Feel
General Information
Full name: Dana Cop-A-Feel
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Personal Information
Occupation(s): Street Magician
Friend(s): Hodini
Video Information
First appearance: Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel
Appeared on / at: July 19, 2008

Dana Cop-A-Feel is a character in the ShaneDawsonTV videos. She is portrayed by Kate, a friend of Shane's. She made her debut in Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel, in which she performed tricks as Hodini's sidekick. More often, she was the target of the magical trick, eventually being wrapped up in band-aid after an out of turn "magical trick".


Dana has blonde hair with brightly colored highlights. Just like Hodini, she wears headphones around her neck, but Dana's headphones are bigger and black instead of silver. She wears a black dress, a brown belt and a yellow necklace and bracelet.


Dana didn't talk very much, but she seems to be a direct copy of Hodini. She mimics Hodini's attitude and makes the same hand movements when they say: "Now we're about to make some shit disappear".

When Hodini tells Dana's last name is "Cop-A-Feel", she says that "you don't even wanna know how she got that name", which suggests that Dana is sexually active, or at least likes to have fun erotically.

Hodini revealed that Dana's got no job and "no place to be", so her parents probably died or she simply doesn't want to return home because she has trouble with her parents.


The following is a list of videos Dana made an appearance in.

# Image Title and date Trivia Link
5 HODINI DANA 01 Hodini & Dana Cop-A-Feel
July 19, 2008


  • Cop-a-feel is an urban therm which means "to quickly touch a women's breasts, without letting the woman know who actually did it".